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Look! There’s God Again!

Posted on December 22, 2020
By Mike Harper

You may feel alone, unworthy, devastated, or frustrated. Maybe you’re in mourning.

You may find yourself in indescribable pain. We all have struggles, but perhaps you feel like you get more than your fair share.

Isn’t it comforting to know? Even if you’re not sure the hurt will ever go away…

There’s God! Every time.

There’s absolutely no problem too complicated, no relationship too damaged, no “impossible” circumstance we can muster that’s beyond His sight, His reach, and His care. Try Him.


Sometimes the wait is excruciating. Often it doesn’t “work out” like we expect. But of all the outcomes we can predict, from logic, to reason, to your annoying relative who knows everything, He’s the only one who made everything, loves everyone, and actually knows everything!


Need wisdom? Who better to trust than the One who predates time? His ways are higher than ours. He’s perfect. As flawed and as limited as we are, why would we trust our own understanding?

WHATEVER IT IS. Don’t do anything drastic. Wait. You’ll get through this. Seek Him.

Look! There He is again!


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