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Love Jesus? Of Course You Do!

Posted on August 30, 2021
By Mike Harper

When asked, most of us would say we’re Christians.

As such, we’re called to love God and love people. Trying to love people without loving God first? Ha! Can’t be done! People are too hard to love. I should know. I’m one of them.

We have a selfish nature. We’re wired for “what about me?” We have a tendency to gossip. We can be grumpy.

Need I go on?

It’s hard to love people like that! So we must love God first. Intentionally. Regularly.

Realize His love despite the list of our shortcomings shown above. We’re then better equipped to share His love with others!


  1. Be mindful of his presence always. Let it show on your face!
  2. Imagine His presence as a protective shield. Nothing you face can penetrate it!
  3. Go outside the “me first” box. Do something for somebody else, even something small!

We can’t all reach thousands for Christ, but we can make an impression to quite a few! We can touch those in our circle with Christ-like words and actions. Walk away from arguments, both online and in person.

Love God. Love others. Change the world.

By the way, I love you man!


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