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Lyme Disease: Protect Yourself

Posted on October 23, 2013
By Nikki Martinez
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Exploring with this fella



With beautiful weather we’re getting hit with these autumn days, it make encourage you to get out and explore the trails and paths around you. I know the hubby and I did just that, taking in some hiking within Faulkner Parks bike trails, making taking a turn off the path to find a cache or two in our Geocaching. But before heading out, I made sure I was covered almost head to toe–not because I was cold, but I didn’t want anything to bite, scratch or try to weasel it’s way onto my skin.


One of those pests I tried to prevent were ticks! They suck your blood, won’t let go of you for anything, and carry a lovely thing called Lyme Disease. So what to do to make these little blood-enthusiasts stay away? The Stir’s Ericka Sóuter gave a few tips in what to do before those buggers try to make you a meal:


Since people contract Lyme disease from ticks, it’s important to know where you are most likely to run into them. They like moist, humid environments near wooded and grassy areas. Walking through any sort of vegetation could potentially put you at risk.

If you go for a hike, walk in the center of the trail to avoid grass and branches

Use a repellent with DEET on your skin or clothing

Check for ticks after you’ve been hanging outdoors. If the tick is attached to your skin for less than 24 hours, the chances of getting Lyme disease is really small.

If you find a tick, remove it with a pair of tweezers as soon as you can.


Also, here’s what to look for if you may have been bit by a pesky tick:

  • red, circular rash that keeps expanding
  • fatigue
  • chills
  • fever
  • muscle and joint aches
  • swollen lymph nodes


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