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Message to Young Guys

Posted on May 13, 2019
By Mike Harper
Mike Harper 89.5 KVNE Mornings

Don’t be a false idol.

Who were your idols? A rock star? An athlete or an actor? Maybe even a pastor, a friend or family member.

We all have people we looked up to. Of those who were a little older and had achieved something we admired, we thought, “If I could just be like him!”

Don’t try to be the person you idolized. He or she may have traits worth mirroring, but you are far different from that person. There may even be striking similarities, but you are definitely unique. 

Give yourself time. Allow yourself to develop and learn. Try things. Read about those who have gone before. Talk to old guys. Get wisdom.

There will be many opportunities along the way, as well as many temptations. Jumping on the first bus is easy. But just like the first pitch from a new pitcher, let it go past. Get a good look at it, then consider the next opportunity. 

Maybe you’re an aspiring musician. Your first band could very possibly be your worst. So don’t hold out grandiose expectations for it. Just keep playing. There are millions of bands. Practice your instrument like crazy. Hone your skills.

If you’re an athlete, your window of opportunity will be limited to your youth (unless you’re a golfer.) So do the work of an apprentice. Endure the drudgery of calisthenics. Be faithful in the basics. Pay your dues. Work hard. It’ll pay off!

Whatever course you choose, nobody jumps right to the top. (Unless you’re an American Idol, and that barely counts.) In most cases, “overnight successes” are those who have been slugging it out for years in their basement, or on a local level, and have done endless legwork to get to superstar status.

So if you aspire to greatness, don’t worry, don’t hurry, don’t scurry. Enjoy the journey! Do the steps. Don’t be a slacker. Do your thing, develop your gift, and watch God use you, slowly but surely. 

He created a good work in you and He will be faithful to complete it! There’s nobody like you!

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6
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