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My Kids are Having Kids

Mike Harper
89.5 KVNE Mornings

My kids are having kids; my perspective is changing; my emotions are rising; my opinions are increasing and my politics are, well, none of your business.

But my heart is overwhelmed because my love is overflowing; my thoughts are racing; my anticipation is growing; my attitude is adjusting, but my time is flying.

And my 100-yard dash is slowing; my memory is fading; my stomach is churning; my nostrils are flaring; my hairline is rising; my knees are shaking; my ears are ringing; my palms are sweating; my arches are falling and I may be a tad feverish.

But my mind is at peace because my spirit is content; my health is reasonable; my wife is beautiful; my salary is sustainable. And for my friendships? I’m grateful.

Though my wisdom is debatable, and values are deplorable, my mood can be unapproachable; my reasoning disreputable; and my trustworthiness… doubtful.

Through it all, my God is… undeniable.