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New Ones from Austin, Hillsong, & Riley

Posted on September 21, 2018
By Nikki Martinez
89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio New Songs From Austin Heard On Air Blog
Nikki Martinez
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First off, for all who continuously take our Music Crew Surveys, just wanted to stop for a second and say THANK YOU! I know you’ve got busy schedules to match your busy lives, but those few minutes you take every 2 weeks to listen and rate music really helps soooooo much. Seeing that I would love to play ALL the music sent to us, I need your help always to choose actually which songs YOU want to hear.

If you haven’t signed up for the Music Crew, follow the link HERE

Now, onto the new tracks you really did love and we’re glad to add!

Austin French, “Born Again”

There was definitely resounding love for this guy’s music with his first hit, “Freedom Hymn.” So we had a gut feeling that when this new track came our way, you’d be feeling it too (which by the votes through the Music Crew Surveys, we were right)! Off his first-ever CD, “Wide Open,” Austin really does a great job reminding us all of how amazing it is that God takes another chance on us, even when it’s hard for us to take another chance on ourselves. Be warned, you may get a little choked-up in the video below!

Hillsong Worship, “Who You Say I Am”

After introducing this song to Sunday Mornings on Shouts Of Praise, and with the massive response of churches adding this to their worship list, how could we not add this hit from Hillsong? And with a message that tells us our Father’s view of who we are matters sooooo much more then the world’s view, this song is certainly one we all need to hear more often!

Riley Clemmons, “Better For It”

If you listen to our sister station, KGLY, you’ve probably heard her first track (and powerful voice) in “Broken Prayers.” Well, this 18 year old songstress has put out this 2nd song off her first self-titled album, and it will make you do a little dance in your car (or is that just me)? Sharing her heart and how God has loved her non-stop, Riley is not only excited to put out music like this, BUT she’s also thrilled to be joining 2 brothers in Christ on tour this Fall – Danny Gokey and Tauren Wells.

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