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New Sidewalk, UNITED and Tauren!!

Posted on February 20, 2018
By Nikki Martinez
Nikki Martinez
89.5 KVNE Middays

Music – it’s powerful beyond our understanding at times. And we heard story after story of how powerful the music here at KVNE is to people in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and for families all across East TX when passing out Valentine’s Day Cards (about 23,000 cards that is)! And maybe you understand that power to – how God can speak through a lyric, how He can raise your spirits with a beat, and how worship can really be anywhere if you just take a few minutes to breathe and sing.

So let’s delve into how Jesus is using music to share His life with others through 3 new tracks!

UNITED, “So Will I”

One of the Worship teams of Hillsong Church, UNITED is doing what they usually do – lead worship! That’s right, right now the team isn’t touring or writing new music or doing conferences, they’re spending time with their church community, friends, and neighbors sharing Jesus around them. But it doesn’t mean they won’t be gearing-up for some conferences in the summer, or keeping their brothers and sisters in Hillsong Worship in prayers as they’ll be touring in April (which if you too could keep them in prayer, that would be awesome)! Here’s an acoustic version off their 2nd single from their album Wonder


Sidewalk Prophets, “Come to the Table”

It’s not everyday you get woken up in the early morning to someone saying “Get off the bus!!” But Sidewalk Prophets and their team had this exact thing happen almost 2 weeks ago, as their trailer attached to their bus caught on fire (as you can see in the picture)


Almost $100,000 worth of equipment went up in the flames, yet someone had gotten the trailer far away from the bus, so no one was hurt. AND, the team decided to keep on touring (with the help of friends on the way with equipment, instruments and such)! The beautiful part of this all – the outpouring of help from the body of Christ, so much help that a GoFundMe account was created, and the goal of $95,000 raised was met in less than a week, helping take care of almost all the band lost. While Sidewalk Prophets have poured out God’s word through music for so many years now, encouraging others and sharing hope, listeners, ministry partners, and friends wanted to give hope back.

The love of Christ talked about in this latest from the group is DEFINITELY the love shown back to them!


Tauren Wells, “When We Pray”

If you ever listened to the group Royal Tailor, you would know this guy already. Or maybe you’ve been enjoying the latest one from Crowder “All My Hope” – Tauren’s the soulful crooner that joins in on the song. Originally from Michigan, Tauren calls the Houston, TX area his home now with his wife and 3 sons, where if he’s not touring, he’s helping lead worship at his father-in-law’s church or helping his wife with the kids or the Prisma Worship Arts School they started a few years back. This track is his 2nd single off of his 1st solo album, Hills and Valleys


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