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Oops! Missed it by THAT much!

Posted on January 6, 2016
By Fletcher Jonson

Sometimes missing a point by a tiny bit can make all of the difference in life.

On a break this week I set up my sound effects to use a rim shot on the punch line. However, accidently, as I fired the mouse to play that effect I moved the arrow less than a 1/4 of an inch upward and instead fired the button above it.  Instead of the rim shot firing — it played the sound effect of a comedic horn honk.  Now that wouldn’t have been a problem except the punch line was —“today is Bean day and Cuddle day…does anyone else see the problem with that combination? (insert horn sound here).  I think you can see the slight miss actually made what I was saying sound a lot worse than I intended. hot key buttons

Life is like that.  Sometimes when we miss God even by a tiny bit it can totally change the outcome.

My prayer today is that we would focus on God so we don’t miss a moment.

You are loved!

Susan O’Donnell


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