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Out Of Gas

Posted on October 31, 2022
By Mike Harper

It’d been a long couple of days. Lois had hip replacement surgery with stellar results. Doctors exclaimed, “Couldn’t have gone better!” The most important thing.

Sure there were challenges. Long hours in the lobby. A lengthy overnight stay, complete with pokes, prods, (on her, not me) all the stuff nurses must do.

Finally, our release. Friends, family, and flowers were all appreciated. The hour-long drive and extensive rehab began. Within a mile of home, I broke the exhausted silence.

“I’m out of gas,” I told my bride.

“Absolutely,” she reassured. “It’s been quite a weekend.”

“No, really. We’re OUT. OF. GAS.”

A quick glance at the gauge screamed “EEE!!!” The flashing red gas-pump light mocked me. In my haste to get all my belongings, including Lois, out of the hospital and into the car, I neglected to check my dashboard.

I was coasting without power.

Just ahead lay our oasis. A gas station graciously awaited 1/10 mile away. “We’ll never make it,” I doubted. Pictures of me pushing the car down the busy street flashed through my head.

“Careful,” I whispered. “Time your jump out so you can roll right into the 7-11,” I murmured. “Show your “fresh hip” wife you’ve got this.”

Suddenly I realized. We weren’t slowing down! In fact, I think we actually gained momentum! Call it down-hill, call it the wind, call it the Lord, take two and call me in the morning. But we were going to make it! We slowly coasted to a gentle stop directly in front of pump #1.

It could’ve gone so badly, but it went so smoothly. It could’ve been dangerous at worst, a hassle at best. But it was awesome. One minute of angst, then a testimony of God’s presence and provision despite my shortcomings.

Running too fast? Check your gauge. Maybe you’re out of gas. If so, call it a learning curve. Chances are He’ll give you just enough strength to coast into church Sunday.

Fill ‘er up!


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