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Posted on October 23, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
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It’s no secret that our world is “topsy turvy” these days! The shootings, the hurricanes, the flooding, the hatefulness and strife seem rampant!

As Christians, we pray for the world and all of those who seem to be alright with how things are lately. But something I know from my few years: there are always those who set their minds on God, on kindness, and on love!

This seems to be the case of these talented young people from the Cardinal Shehan Choir in Baltimore! Enjoy this video and “Rise Up!”

Rise Up – Cardinal Shehan Choir in Baltimore

The song says all we need is hope. We can find hope in different ways, but there is only one source of eternal hope: Jesus. When you feel like you don’t matter; when you feel like you can’t keep moving forward; when you feel like there is no hope, even in the midst of such chaos, there is always hope. His name is Jesus.

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