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Rocky Mountain High

Posted on October 31, 2017
By Mike Harper
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Mike Harper
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It’s higher than I’ve ever been before. I’m approximately 9,000 feet in the air and light headed, even more so than usual.

There are many differences between Angel Fire, New Mexico, the surrounding area, and real life. There are miles and miles of open road with absolutely no people in sight. There are no houses or businesses –  just fields, trees, fences, cows, deer, elk, horses, and goats. Even they are sparse. All this with a gigantic backdrop of enormous mountains spanning the horizon, some with snow caps.89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Rocky Mountain High Heard On Air Blog Body Image

It is utterly tranquil. Never have I experienced such solitude and quiet. Not a sound, save for an occasional deer’s hoof crunching the leaves as he walks through the woods.

Leaving Texas, where autumn highs were regularly north of 80 degrees to a climate of 65 to 15, and where temperatures can shift 20 degrees in 20 minutes, is a complete paradigm shift.

Stepping out on our back porch at night, properly bundled of course, we saw the stars like never before. The contrast of their shine in front of a pitch black sky is overwhelming. Simply marvelous. And so I simply marveled. I marveled at God’s gorgeous creation for a very long time. Game changer.

Then, as it’s so often apt to do, my brain interfered. Finite human reasoning entered, and it occurred to me: “Why are stars so clear here?” And even though I know they’re billions of light years away, I reasoned, “Well, they ARE several feet closer.”

And God smiles.

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