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Snowpocolypse Postlude

Posted on February 22, 2021
By Mike Harper

“I wish it would snow.”


How many times have you said that? Clearly, we had no idea what we were asking. We were Israelites and we got boatloads of quail.


“How are the roads?”


It’s the most often asked question since “Who shot J.R.?” And the answer to both questions is the same:


We have no idea.


We knew the roads were bad, unless we were one of the professionals who loves to share our credentials. “I’m used to this.” Or “I have 4-wheel drive. Or “I’m from Antarctica.”


The question of “the roads” became like religion and politics. Everybody had a take. If you made it to work without dying, they were “fine.” If you answered from a ditch, they were “terrible.”


We could only speak from experience. And TxDot.


Indeed, it was a difficult week for many. But after all the pictures of kids on sleds and icicles on cows, I loved the stories of people helping each other. Pushing cars. Calling the elderly. Offering shelter and water.


So, whether in “Snowpocolypse” or the soon-coming beauty of spring, may people see in us a welcoming generosity.


May each of us be a mobile “warming center.”


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