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Spring Beats Are Here

Posted on March 21, 2019
By Nikki Martinez
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Finally, it’s officially the Spring season here in East Texas! And even though some dread this time of the year (thanks but no thanks pollen), most can enjoy the bigger moments of sunshine and warmth that makes this season so special. And what better way to kick-off a new season than some new songs that pick-up the beat as you play with the kiddos outside more.

Jasmine Murray, “While You Were Holding Me”

Even though this new one from Jasmine isn’t as high-energy as “Fearless,” the message is definitely one full high-intense (good) emotion. But be warned if you’re a mother…you may need a tissue or 3 when listening to this one. With Mother’s Day not too far away, this song really hits at home about how God uses mothers (and mother-like figures) in so many people’s lives in such positive ways. Here’s a little more about the song from Jasmine herself:

Big Daddy Weave, “Alive”

Still on the “Alive Tour,” Big Daddy Weave is still working on new music in between their busy schedule. But then again, when you’re supposed to release a new album in a few months, it makes sense the guys would be hard at work with new songs. They still find the time though to take time with family, and to end each show they do with prayer time with the audience, making sure everyone at every venue knows they are not alone!

Blanca, “What If”

Off her latest CD, “Shattered,” Blanca does a great job conveying the question I think every one of us has at one point or another in our journey of faith, “What if I struggle…will God still love me?” And seeing that Blanca has gone through her fair-share of struggles this past year (specifically with losing her mom to cancer), she is the perfect person to be the voice of this question, and so many others when going through loss. Here’s Blanca with more about the song:


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