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Posted on November 13, 2018
By Mike Harper
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Mike Harper
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If we know Christ, we “know” He’s our hope. But it’s easy to only own that hope in theory, but forget about it in application. Real life. The spiritual battlefield. Those opportunities to “practice.”

It seems everything I read and hear lately points me to a problem I’ve struggled with for some time. Scripture, devotional stories, and sermons are shedding light on what on the surface appears to be a hopeless situation.

These messages all have all had a theme of bearing with one another, being a peacemaker, and following the example of Christ’s unconditional love. This is an issue that has plagued me for years with one individual in my life.

If you’re tempted to wonder, “Is he talking about me?” Don’t worry, because:

A) This is the natural human response and,
B) If you’re reading this, (and I believe you are) it’s not you, because the person involved would never read this.

Who it is doesn’t matter anyway, because it could be about any of us. Who among us doesn’t at times:

  • Get impatient
  • Put our own needs first
  • Take others for granted

No need to go on. There are plenty more examples potentially at play. But you get the picture. We know we’re all liable to fall into any of these categories and more. The challenge is we don’t realize it at the time, and at the time…

We feel entitled!

But part of our self-first human nature is to excuse ourselves because of our “circumstances.” But we can detect the same shortcomings in others like a hungry dog smells a slab of meat, ready to devour.

So it appears my problem is me. My point of contention is with someone who likely has no idea there’s an issue. That’s why verses like “Love one another as I have loved you”, “While we were sinners, Christ died for us”, and “Blessed are the peacemakers” keep running across my path. It’s no coincidence.

So consider this a friendly reminder. If you have a seemingly insurmountable relationship snag, God gets it. He knows what it’s like to forever give love with minimal return. And He makes for a fine example on how to give selflessly. He’s our hope, not only in theory, but in everyday practice.

Hold on to it. Squeeze it. Tightly. Now.

Oh, and of the recent scriptures orbiting my world screaming the loudest? “Blessed are the peacemakers.” It’s a very popular verse. After all, we all love peace.

But how many of us are willing to “make” it?

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