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Posted on July 13, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
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Okay, okay I have a messy house! I was in a “not-so-great” job before I came to KVNE/KGLY and I may have not paid enough attention to the junk that evidently piled up. Not only the clutter in my home, but my mind became cluttered as well. Clutter, stress, and confusion can keep us from finding peace, and that’s not a place I want be. So I decided to clean out the clutter and make room for my God and the peace He brings me.

I realize the clutter in my home didn’t just appear, but I want it gone! But where do I start?

Good thing I picked up the latest Woman’s Day magazine, cause they have a guide to help all of us with clutter – I hope!89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Stop the Madness Heard On Air Blog Featured Image

Here we go:

Somehow and some way, the “stuff” got brought into the house by me – or a family member. So far, so good. The experts are telling me that we (my family) need to set boundaries – Open storage. This is where we, and guests, see the “stuff.”

Suggestion One

Must pare down “stuff.” This doesn’t mean put “stuff” in a box! It means get rid of it! Putting the “stuff” in a bin with a lid on it and placed in in a closet is not what they mean by “paring down.”

Suggestion Two

Limit items in a collection, like memorabilia, or craft supplies, to one or two drawers. When that gets full, you guessed it: purge, purge, purge!

Suggestion Three

Track whether you actually use or don’t use something. Tag those items you use infrequently with a removable sticker labeled with the date, then peel the sticker the next time you use the object. If it still has a sticker after months, donate it!

These are all helpful tips to manage clutter! It seems way too organized for me, but I am willing to try!

As far as my cluttered mind, getting rid of the clutter in my home will go a long way to decluttering my mind. I will throw out what is filling my mind with distractions and I will pray diligently!

“You will keep him in perfect peace, who’s mind is set on You, because He trusts you.” Isaiah 26:3

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