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Struggling Sinners

Posted on August 23, 2021
By Mike Harper

A guy actually told me, “Jesus is overrated.”

Hard to imagine, but he went on.

“He’s a tool used to manipulate others and make money.”

There are plenty of reasons he might feel that way. Possibly a bad experience with Christians? Sometimes we’re bad examples. We say and do crazy things that give Jesus a bad name. Why?

We’re all struggling sinners. 

We hear of those who “aren’t scriptural,” “speak false doctrine,” or “aren’t showing fruit.” Whatever the criticism, these heretics all share something in common.

They’re all “somebody else.”

We all perform imperfectly. Because I don’t struggle in an area is no reason to highlight it in others.

It’s innate. It’s easy to see sin. Just not ours.

We’ll say “I’m not perfect,” without sharing our specific moral blunders. We’ll admit “I struggled with sin,” but not our current shortcomings.

There’s “your truth” and “my truth.” Thank God we have “absolute Truth.” It’s our only hope. Unfortunately, we often rely on our own understanding, especially if we’re “veteran Christians.”

Let’s be careful how quickly we assess someone. Let’s do our best to emulate Jesus, because, without Him, we’re all struggling sinners…

…saved by grace.


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