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Surprise With a Sundae!

Posted on February 24, 2014
By Nikki Martinez

They go and they come, back and forth, on the same bus with the same kids. It’s the everyday school routine that, if you put yourself in their shoes, would feel as monotonous as it sounds like. You wouldn’t think the same-day routine would get old for your kids, but just ask them, “Did you learn or do anything new at school today,” and wait for the response…or then, lack of response. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked younger cousins, family friends, and my nephew this same question and the response is the same: “Nothing.”


Yep, your child is burning out FAST! So what do you do to make moments and days POP for your child? It could be as simple as some ice cream after school, and more, as blogger Mary Fischer points out:


Set up a sundae bar — It’s still pretty warm outside, and everybody loves ice cream, so having a “make your own” sundae bar set up in your kitchen is a great way to make the kids jump for joy after the bus drops them off. Get plenty of fixins’ — from whipped cream to sprinkles, cherries, hot fudge, butterscotch sauce, and of course their favorite candies — and let them create a dessert to remember.


Show up in character — It will particularly delight younger kids if you magically show up as the mystery reader in their class — dressed in a costume to fit the theme of the book, of course. They’ll be stunned and you’ll instantly achieve mom of the year status.


Breakfast in bed — Instead of giving your kids a bowl of cereal at the kitchen island like you do every other day of the week, why not get up a little early, whip up their favorite breakfast foods, and then carry it up to their rooms on a tray? It makes the most important meal of the day a special and exciting treat.


Impromptu camping “trip” — You won’t believe the looks on your kids’ faces when they come home from school to find the living room transformed into an indoor camp site. Set up a tent complete with sleeping bags and flashlights and let them pretend they’re roughing it for a night.


Weekend getaway — Send your kids to school on a regular Friday — then pick them up an hour or two early with the car packed and ready to set off on a fun adventure. Wherever you head, make sure it’s a destination packed with activities geared specifically for them. Think swimming pools, amusement parks, aquariums, museums — whatever it is that makes them grin from ear to ear.


Make lunch a gift — Your kids may expect a surprise in their lunch on their birthday, so shake things up by giving them a party-worthy lunch on a random day during the school year.Wrap their lunch contents into colorful presents they can open one by one. Imagine the looks on their faces when they pop open their lunch boxes!


Scavenger hunt or treasure map — Kids expect to come home and immediately do their homework, so surprising them with a scavenger hunt set up in the house or a map to “buried” treasure is something they’ll never see coming. Have them follow the clues to lead to a reward they’ll go nuts for. It can be a toy they’ve been wanting, the promise of a fun dinner date out wherever they want to go, or even getting to stay up a little late to watch their favorite TV show or movie.


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