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Taking Care of Those Pesky Pests

Posted on September 16, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

I have ants…and I HATE THEM!! The apartment complex has supposedly sent someone out to our apartment to do something about the little creepers, but they still haven’t gone away. And what’s weird is that we’re finding them in the weirdest places, like the bathroom and our dresser–it’s not like I hide chocolate bars in my socks drawer.

When dealing with little bugs, you know the frustration behind it.  But there is hope, and there are ways to maybe, just maybe, keep them away a little farther and for a little longer time without having to use any pesticide!


Clear the clutter — Uh-oh. Major fail. Did you know that clutter is a breeding ground for bugs? Me neither. Time to get organized. Sigh.

Seal windows and doors — Small pests, like ants, are smart and will literally sneak in through the cracks. Do an inspection each year to make sure there aren’t any gaps lurking in your doors and windows that may invite unwanted guests inside.

Use chalk — Um, you have sidewalk chalk in your garage, right? Get this one — if you draw a barrier around your house entrances with chalk, insects like ants and slugs will be repelled by the calcium carbonate. Who knew?

Clean the kitchen — We all leave dishes in the sink and food on the counters from time to time, but that’s basically an open invitation for pests. Get in the habit of cleaning and disinfecting every single time you make a meal — don’t even leave a mess for an hour or two.

Tidy up the yard — Ugh. Apparently mulch, leaves, and garden debris are just as attractive to bugs as the remnants of your dinner is. Sure, yard work is a pain, but it’s worth the extra effort to keep the pests at bay.

Keep trash cans outside — Yep. If they’re in your house, the bugs know it, and they want to have a party in them. Seems like a no-brainer to keep them outside, right?


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