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Posted on November 19, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

The task of making a Thanksgiving dinner is one that I have seen over my life take an emotional rollarcoaster I never thought would, or could, happen. And even though Nathan and I haven’t started a tradition of Thanksgiving at our place just yet, you can be sure that I will be helping my mom with some duty in the kitchen! But if there’s some way to help her out, or you out, I will do all I can to make things easy…and here may be some solutions.



We’re in such a digital age that it just makes sense Thanksgiving Day Apps would be designed for any tech-savvy planner. And thankfully, most of these Apps that blogger Adrianna Velez found are FREE:



Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach (iOS, free) Choose your recipes, build shopping lists, and create a game plan, with instructions and tasks to follow days in advance.

Thanksgiving List Planner (Android, $0.99; iOS, free) Create task and other planning lists from over 160 Thanksgiving items.

Thanksgiving Menu Maker (iOS, free) Create a customized menu from 75 classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Food52 Hotline (iOS, free) Got a burning cooking question? Ask away with this app and get answers from the Food52 community and from top food writers.

Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual (iOS, free) Just 101 recipes, how-tos, and videos from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen.

Shopping List Ease-Grocery (Android, free) As they describe, “List Ease is a beautifully simple and powerful free shopping list app. Create a shopping list, grocery list, to-do list, or any other checklist and share it with family and friends!”

Ask Karen From USDA (Android, Free) A disaster that you NEVER want to find yourself in is that the guests got sick on something YOU made! So, for all of your food related questions, this is another great source to check out


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