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The 10 for Your 10 Year Old: Manners

Posted on July 18, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

As adults, we can sometimes forget how we were as children. Some things just come naturally to us, like common manners. Then again, we all have that one relative…

All kidding aside, as kids, there are a few things that really should become daily good-habits that show them growing up more and more. Thanks to Julie Ryan Evans at The Stir, these 10 manners should try to become the norm of the 10 year old in your life:

1. Not to Pick Their Nose
2. To Cover Their Mouth When They Cough or Sneeze
3. To Eat With Utensils Instead of Their Hands
4. To Chew With Their Mouth Closed
5. How to Say Excuse Me When They Bump Into Someone or Burp
6. To Hold the Door for Those Coming Behind Them
7. Not to Interrupt
8. To Knock on Closed Doors Before Entering
9. How to Look People in the Eye When Talking to Them
10. How to Consistently Say Please and Thank You

Any that didn’t make this list but you really believe NEED to be taught? Leave a comment below!


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