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The Disappearing Baby Jesus

Posted on December 7, 2015
By Fletcher Jonson

I have a friend who loves Nativity scenes.  They are all over her house, big ones, small ones, glass ones and wooden ones.  But she’d noticed that the Nativity scene in the living room was always missing baby Jesus.  But, later she would find him back where he belonged…only to have him disappear the next day.

Finally, she realized that her little 3 year old daughter was the culprit.  She searched to find that the baby Jesus was held in the little girl’s hand as she played on the floor of her room.  Her mother asked…”why did you take the baby Jesus out of the nativity scene in the living room?”

The little girl’s face lit up as she said “I wanted to keep Jesus with me!”

Are you keeping Jesus close?  I’m with her, I want to keep Jesus with me!


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