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The Last Few Songs…

Posted on November 14, 2018
By Nikki Martinez
89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio The Last Few Songs Heard On Air Blog
Nikki Martinez
89.5 KVNE Middays

If you’ve been a listener for awhile, then you probably are aware that we’ll be flipping the switch into the “ON” position when it comes to all Christmas Music on the afternoon of Thanksgiving. But We didn’t want to do that without giving you the last new songs of 2018! And I’ll tell you this, it was NOT an easy decision with these last 3…but then again, when has it EVER been easy to choose a few songs in a heaping pile of passion, powerful lyrics, and all in all, great music.

Jordan Feliz, “Changed”

First off, a HAPPY 7th Anniversary to this guy and his wife Jamie, who recently celebrated on social media with some sweet pictures from that special day. Even though he’s a busy music man, Jordan still continues to strive to be the best at his 2 main titles, “Husband” and “Father.” Because of that, he’ll be taking a much needed break from touring to take time with his family. But don’t worry, you may get a chance to see him when he hits the road in 2019 on the Hits Deep Tour! Until then, feel free to turn-up the volume and dance the day away to this new one!



Jeremy Camp, “My Defender”

If you had the chance to check this guy and Matthew West at the Oil Palace, then you may have heard this latest one live! Whether you did or didn’t, maybe you want to know the heart behind the song…so here it is straight from Jeremy himself:



Lauren Daigle, “Look Up Child”

She may be a small southern girl from Louisiana, but her voice and heart is anything but small! With that heart, God has definitely been sharing it with the world on a scale most Christian artists don’t get a chance to do: performing for people in prison, sharing her heart for Jesus in Secular Magazines, and giving glory to God through music on very popular daytime (read more HERE) and evening shows (like Jimmy Fallon). And the reality is that many of these millions of people who have read about her or seen her perform may never step a foot through a church door (but NEED to know how God loves them)! Through this new song, off her new album (of the same name), Lauren continues to remind us to re-focus our gaze in life, not on ourselves, but the one who is higher.




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