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The Latest from Danny, UNITED & More

Posted on March 6, 2019
By Nikki Martinez
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I’m not sure if you know this, but every week I end up getting anywhere from 10-20 new songs sent to me (and that’s not counting for our sister station, 91.3 KGLY). That means I hear A LOT of music, but I know I’m only 1 person! Because of that understanding, we created the KVNE Music Crew a few years back, a chance for you to let us know, out of all the songs sent to us every 2 weeks, what YOU want to hear! If you’re not part of the Crew, you can sign-up HERE. And if you are, thank you for always taking the time to take the surveys sent to you. Out of those surveys, we narrow things down and pick songs like these for you to enjoy throughout the week – Hope you like!

Danny Gokey, “Haven’t Seen It Yet”

He’s back! The man with the golden vocals brings another new track to us, right on the heels of his “Hope Encounter Tour,” on the road with Winter Jam right now, and waiting for baby #4 who’s due this August. Out the gate, we’ve already gotten a few comments about this new one, including from Kevin who’s said “I’ve just heard the new one by Danny Gokey and I LOVED it!!” I mean, when the song’s message is about patience in GOD’s timing and not ours (which is a hard topic), how can the song not move you in some way. But if the song doesn’t do it for you, maybe the music video will!

Tasha Layton, “Love Lifting Me”

She’s new to us, but Tasha is not new when it comes to the music world. In fact, this lady from South Carolina at one time toured with Katy Perry, worked as an in-demand session singer in LA, is an “American Idol – Season 9” alum, and became a worship leader for her church! But now, Tasha is putting out her own music, with this one being her first big single off her new EP.

UNITED, “Not Today”

This crew from across the seas are coming back to the US. Starting at the end of April, UNITED will be touring throughout the US, leading worship and sharing songs from their latest album, “Wonder.” Here’s Joel Houston from UNITED going a little more in-depth about the song:

I AM THEY, “Scars”

We all have them…maybe not physically, but DEFINITELY emotionally. But why do we cover up the scars in our lives, when the reality is that if we embrace them, than we can understand how big of a testimony our scars hold. That was the idea behind this new one from I AM THEY, off their new album, “Trial & Triumph.” They found a little time in between festivals and touring to put together this music video for you to enjoy.


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