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The Marriage Series: Just Being Honest

Posted on November 18, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

There are always the stereotypical answers to almost every question asked, including anything having to do with marriage. If I threw the words, “Marriage advice” your way, probably about 2 or 3 quick responses would come to mind. Well, one that might not was the one I got from Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave:

A few years ago: Part of Big Daddy Weave and little me

A few years ago: Part of Big Daddy Weave and little me

“Enjoy this time as a couple, because babies will come sooner than you expected!!”

Not gonna lie, couldn’t help but laugh when THIS was the first response to, “what would you say to a newlywed couple.” But it was PRICELESS…and so correct. If you really think about it, many friends and family who have little ones will quite frequently make a comment like, “Where did the time go?” or “What’s free time?” while holding Jack or Jane in their arms. For some, starting a family off the bat is what they want, and I do love that! But for others, like the hubby and I, we decided early on in our courting that we would take time to not just enjoy and build our marriage up without kids for the first few years, but hopefully (and prayerfully) pay off any last old debt we had, save a little money, and then have the kiddos.


Plus, if the hubby or I want to go out to a movie “just because,” we don’t have to ask a friend to look after the children. And if we wanted to geocache in the middle of some crazy wooded areas of East Texas, we don’t have to worry about grabbing the stroller, carseat, and snacks in case hunger comes to call.


So Mike’s advice isn’t one to just laugh at. Remember to make every moment a memory as best as possible, and develop a bond that will carry on. Because you and I know, you’ll look back at this advice, this blog entry, not too far down the road and go, “I can’t believe that was 2 kids ago.”


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