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These Passwords Just Won’t Do!

Posted on July 30, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

 It’s a constant comedy bit that people still love to laugh at when watching a show or movie: one of the characters decides to hide something big with a password or code that is WAY too easy, usually 123456. And even though it’s funny on TV, that type of password can get you into serious trouble! What’s worse is that people actually use passwords and codes just like that one…which could be why you’re planning on opening-up an extra tab on your browser and changing it right now as you finish reading this sentence.

Not being creative enough with the passwords you use could keep your laptop, phone, and other devices in the way of hackers,  giving them a chance to have every digital footprint of yours in the blink of 2 seconds. Let’s talk protection, and what words, codes, and patterns to NOT use, under any circumstances:

1. 123456

2. qwerty (the keys at the top left of your keyboard in a row)

3. password (yes, the word)

4. Your birthday

5. Your dog’s name

6. Your kids’ birthdays

7. iloveyou

8. abc123

9. sunshine

10. trustno1

11. monkey

12. 123123

13. jesus

14. password1

15. michael

16. 12345678

17. ashley

18. Nicole

19. princess

20. rockyou

21. Daniel

22. babygirl

23. 654321

24. lovely

25. yourfirstname1

26. facebook1

27. letmein

28. charlie

29. dragon

30. 111111

31. welcome

32. shadow

33. football

34. mustang

35. master

Thanks to Nicole Fabian-Weber for pointing these 35 out!


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