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Time for Marriage in the Christmas Season

Posted on December 19, 2017
By Carrie Parsons
Carrie Parsons
89.5 KVNE Mornings

I was lying on the couch watching Christmas movies and I felt weighted down, like I couldn’t get up. The chaos around me had me overwhelmed. The house was sort of decorated, that is, if you could overlook the ornament boxes, leftover garland and outdoor lights that still needed to be put up.89.5 KVNE East Texas Christian Radio Time for Marriage in the Christmas Season Heard On Air Blog Featured Image

There was something on my calendar every day, and I still hadn’t shopped for gifts or planned the holiday dinner. Wasn’t Christmas supposed to be about celebrating Jesus’ birth and spending time with family? My husband and I seemed like passing ships lately. We texted each other more than we actually spoke. How could I intentionally make time for Keith this time of year?

If you’re like me, these tips from Focus on the Family can help.

Making time for your husband or wife — without adding anything new to your load — is possible. You can look for key moments throughout the day that you can intentionally use to strengthen your most important relationship this side of heaven, your marriage.

As you reflect on your daily routine, think about pivotal times you can use to connect with your spouse, moments that might just work to reach out so you can briefly show a sign of affection to your spouse. Here are times that work for us:

When you wake up in the morning

A perfect opportunity to connect emotionally and spiritually is in that space between getting out of bed and leaving the house for the day. You can take 10 minutes to enjoy coffee together and to chat and encourage each other. And don’t forget to display some sort of affection — a hug or a kiss — before you part.

When you are away

While you’re apart, send a romantic text to your spouse to show that he or she is in your thoughts and to express your appreciation for him or her.

When your spouse arrives home

Drop whatever you are doing to greet your spouse (even if this means putting down the Christmas décor that you’re still trying to hang). Greet him or her with a warm kiss. This sets the right tone for the rest of the evening and gives you a better chance of having a positive night with your spouse.

When you say goodnight

Use the time before going to bed to share one thing that you appreciate about your spouse. When you’re diligent about doing this, you’ll notice good things about him or her throughout the day. Affirm your husband or wife. Then pray together, ending the day in spiritual unity.

Although the holidays are a crazy and wonderful time of year, ignore the Christmas decorating long enough to be intentional about pursuing your spouse and using everyday moments to strengthen your marriage.

Source: Focus on the Family

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