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Top 10 Things Kids Don’t Worry About

Posted on September 3, 2018
By Mike Harper
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Mike Harper
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Kids are not human. They’re super human. I’m talking about little kids. Preschoolers. They have nerves of steel. The energy of 10 men. They are laser-focused on what they want. They can be devastated one minute and bounce back to giggling like a … well, like a giggling kid in under 60 seconds.

I got to thinking about their uncanny ability to be unfazed by the tumultuous world around them. Having observed these tiny creatures for the past half decade, I’ve compiled a top-10 list of the things they are NOT worried about.

Oh, to be more like them. I’m working on it.

The top 10 things kids don’t worry about

10. Money

Kids don’t worry about money. They don’t have any. They’re totally dependent on others to take care of them. Just make sure they have all their stuff they need. They want to play.

9. The news

Kids don’t worry about the news or which network it’s on. News is boring. Why would anybody watch that? If there’s ever a time to stop playing and watch something, it’s to watch cartoons, or play video games, or watch other people play video games.

8. Their appearance

Kids don’t worry about how they look. Grooming is a chore. Grooming is something grown-ups put way too much emphasis on. Getting dressed, cleaned, and combed are just distractions that keep them from playing.

7. Home repairs

Kids don’t worry about home repairs. That’s somebody else’s problem. They just want stuff to work. They just want your phone. So they can play.

6. Opinions of others

Kids don’t worry about what others think of them. They just make friends. Friends that play. When those friends leave, they make more friends. It’s easy. These friends want to play too. Apparently the only qualification to be a friend is to be a kid — a kid who plays.

5. Work

Kids don’t worry about work. They don’t even want you to do it. But if somebody has to do it, they’d rather it’d be you. Just let them know when you’re done working so you get back to playing.

4. Car stuff

Kids don’t worry about car maintenance. As long as their car seats are comfortable, there are cup holders for their juice, and some sort of iPad-like device is available on which they can play.

3. Their weight

Kids don’t worry about their weight. They eat whatever they want. And can we hurry this along? This sitting at the table thing seems like such a waste of valuable time during which we could be doing some serious playing.

2. Dying

Kids don’t worry about dying. That happens to other people. Other OLD people. But if it must happen some day, it’s so far off it’s not worth wasting valuable brain cells on. And if there are brain cells to be wasted, they know a great game app well worth as many brain cells as they can muster up.



Kids don’t worry about time. Because whatever time it is,

Somewhere, it’s play time.

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