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Trying to Slim Down?

Posted on October 16, 2017
By Carrie Parsons
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Carrie Parsons
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Tackling the quest of losing weight can seem a bit intimidating at first, but it really only takes a few subtle changes in our eating habits to make a difference and move closer to our goals.

Bright Side has prepared a list of simple food replacement tricks that will assist you in getting in shape faster without having to eat less.

1. Air-popped popcorn contains a fraction of the amount of fat and calories of potato chips.

2. Mayonnaise has a considerable sugar and saturated fat content, whereas mustard is low in both.

3. Brown rice still has its most nutritious elements, so it tends to be higher in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

4. Coconut flour is a great source of fiber and protein, and it has a lower carbohydrate content.

5. A portobello mushroom serves as a perfect low-carb version of buns while delivering the same burger experience.

6. Processed cocoa powder is stripped of most of its nutrients, while cacao powder is packed with antioxidants and has several health benefits.

7. Cauliflower has a similar kind of fluffy texture as potato, but it packs fewer carbs and almost no fat.
8. Honey contains traces of vitamins and minerals, and it is sweeter and easier to digest than refined sugar.

9. Cow’s milk has many times more sugar and fat than almond milk or other plant-based milks.

10. Zucchini ribbons are a tasty substitute for any regular pasta. However, they come without the high calorie and carb counts.

11. In contrast to bread crumbs, oats are rich in fiber, minerals, and healthy carbohydrates.

12.Himalayan salt is full of minerals and much more easily absorbable in its pure crystalline form.

13. Soft drinks are made with sweeteners and artificial flavors. Tea has antioxidants.

14. Potatoes have twice as many calories and carbs per serving as carrots.

15. Bananas have a naturally sweet taste and creamy consistency, and they are also free from unhealthy fat and sugar.

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