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VIDEO: New Music…with Nikki Singing!

Posted on November 2, 2016
By Nikki Martinez

We’re about to round-out some new music choices and adds before Christmas Music begins, and trust me, these songs will NOT let you down. As always, if you’d like to let us know what YOUR thoughts are about possible new music to add, sign-up to be part of the KVNE Music Crew and get your voice heard (seriously, I take your votes as very important and help the music team here choose what’s up next, so sign-up now ): HERE  —Nikki Martinez, Middays and Music Director


Casting Crowns, “One Step Away”

When you hear the first few seconds, you may feel a little confused – “This can’t be Casting Crowns?!…” and then Mark Halls voice and message of hope comes in. The band may have decided to try some new things musically with this first single off their new CD, “The Very Next Thing,” but they still are that mouthpiece of conviction and love from The Lord! Here’s a little bit about what the song means to the crew:

Unspoken, “Higher”

So every kid has a dream, a goal, a thing they’d like to do when they get older. Now, some things just aren’t going to be able to happen (you know, like going to Mars or owning a unicorn)…but there are those few things that are attainable and can happen. Well, that happened with me a few weeks ago when I received the new Unspoken CD, “Follow Through,” and saw my name right there in the Gang Vocals credit for this song!! I wanted to be a singer since I was young…and officially that has happened 🙂 You’ll be able to hear this song and others live on Saturday Nov. 5th at Christfest (See the Event Calendar). Here’s a little behind the scenes video of us singing (I’m 2nd row at like 6 seconds), followed by the actual music video!


Matthew West, “Mended”

Before you head to the store or online to pick-up his new Christmas Album, “Unto Us,” Matthew West reminds us that God does restore with this latest single! As always, each song has a story behind the message that could help you maybe when you least expect it. Here’s the Story Behind the Song


Big Daddy Weave, “The Lion and the Lamb”

You may have been hearing the song on Sunday mornings on Shouts of Praise…or even at your church. After reading your votes(and knowing how great this song is), it’s made it’s way into regular rotation! Sidenote: continue to pray for Jay Dog from the band, and for the group as a whole – it’s been a hard year for them, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Jay Dog is healing each and every day and getting the continued therapy after his amputations, and has even joined the guys on the road for a few shows, so Praise the Lord about that!



Hawk Nelson, “Live Like You’re Loved”

If you’ve ever felt you’re constantly on the go, hoping for just a little break soon, then you completely get how these guys feel. They’ll probably have about 2 weeks off before they go from one jam-packed tour with Tenth Avenue North and Dan Bremnes to a Christmas Tour with the Newsboys and Ryan Stevenson. If you get a chance to see them starting Dec. 1st, you’ll probably hear this one played loud and with passion.


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