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What about Me?

Posted on December 9, 2021
By Mike Harper

I want it. Me first. That’s mine.

These are phrases we teach kids to avoid, but even we adults have to ward against them.

Our go-to mode is “me.” We’re born to protect and promote self. Hopefully over the years we learn to balance it and even put others first. But left to our own devices, we love us some “me.”

The older we get the more we realize it’s really not all about me. Yet we ask God, “Why me?” “What about me?” “How am I going to get through this?” It always seems to come back to me.

Jesus said to love God and love others. We can’t truly love others without loving God first, because by not loving God first, we will automatically love ourselves.

We’ve got to get over “us.” It’s a daily challenge to put God’s will before our own. Perhaps it’s even a bigger challenge is to consider others better than ourselves.

But that’s God’s way. He must be first. He’s the only steadfast truth. He’s the only one who can be trusted. He never changes. Everything and everyone else do.

Even me.


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