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What Would Jesus Eat?

Posted on April 19, 2021
By Mike Harper

Loaves and fishes? Nuts? Berries? Perhaps.

I don’t want to take liberties with scripture, but of this I’m fairly confident. He may have indulged occasionally. But I’m willing to bet He ate right. He did everything right. He’s JESUS.

So, when I’m about to eat multiple burritos at midnight, I might ask, “WWJE”? Burritos were not likely an option for the Messiah. But He practiced discipline in everything. He made good decisions. He didn’t indulge the flesh.

I want to be like Jesus. So maybe I’ll think again before mindlessly stuffing chocolate in my face for an hour in front of the TV. Maybe I’ll ask for His help. Maybe I’ll trust Him to give me strength.

Huh. There it is again. To be like Jesus? I have to go to Jesus.


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