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When Did We Stop Being Kids?

Posted on July 13, 2020
By Mike Harper

We’re instructed to have “childlike faith.” It’s easier said than done. Somewhere between 2 and 62, our DNA changes.

Kids start off knowing nothing. All they know is they want stuff. But they need you! The more they grow, the more they know. They still need you, but gradually believe it less. When does that change happen?

Little kids don’t care who’s President, how much money is in the bank, or if there’s no time to make dinner. They just want to know if they can play. Everything else, school, chores, bedtime, just gets in the way of “When can we play?” There’s an age when that diminishes. I’m not sure when it is.

Little kids are indifferent to who comes in the bathroom while they’re going potty. “Come on in!” They don’t care. They’ll dance naked in front of company if inspired. Nothing is off limits. But somewhere along the way this becomes a bigger deal. When?

Little kids like music. Mostly they just like one song. They like to hear it over and over. Play it again. The same song. Again. It’s never too much. Again. It’s a very short playlist. Eventually we reach an age when we want to hear something else. I don’t know the exact age, but I know it happens.

Little kids always have a follow up question. “Mom?” “Mom?” “Mom?” is completely reasonable to a four-year-old. “Can we play now?” “How about now?” “Now?” Eventually we reach an age when we’re less likely to badger the witness.

Little kids want candy. Lots of candy. Always. Without restrictions, they’ll eat punch bowls of candy. Next day? Feel fantastic. They see no need for “balance” in a diet because all that other stuff is yucky. Why would they want to eat that? But “someday” comes and we learn.

So having childlike faith and learning to trust God (whom we can’t see) with our whole heart is no easy road. Having an attitude of innocence takes time, prayer, and practice.

God loves childlike practices in kids. But He also allows our brains to develop! So they’re not recommended for adults. Trust like a kid, but don’t act like one!

In other words… don’t dance naked in front of company. Childlike or not.


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