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You Have an Amazing Brain! (You’re Welcome)

Posted on April 5, 2021
By Mike Harper

God created a lot of fantastic things. Somewhere near the top is your brain. It’s so complex, so fascinating, so… what’s the word? Oh well, I’ll think of it later. I’m sure you would have thought of it! Why?

You have an amazing brain!

You can figure out math problems, remember passwords, and why you walked into the room! And names? Total recall!

Okay, maybe I touched an area where you fall short. Me, too. But that’s the amazing part. Notice how you can remember phone numbers from thirty years ago? Your birthday? 1970’s TV theme songs?

Your brain has two sections: the genius part and the fuzzy part. That’s okay. We’re in process.

Another amazing feature of your brain is it directs its attention to what you say. No matter what you’ve done or how you feel about yourself, God created your brain and He loves how He made you!

Maybe you’ve been through a terrible ordeal. It’s hard to forget. Direct your thoughts back to God. He’s faithful! I love how He gives us power through Jesus to work past our pain!

We have a Savior (and a brain) to help us overcome!


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