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You, Your Kid, and A Book

Posted on March 13, 2014
By Nikki Martinez

You’ve reached the point in the Spring Break week where “things to do” have run out, and the words, “I’m bored” are just on the edge of the children’s lips!! No need to hyperventilate, because a book may be in y’alls near future. I know, I know, I have my nerd tendencies, so suggesting a book to take up the time may not have been what you were thinking about. BUT, you’d probably be surprised what type of memories you can create with the kids with just the right story that makes their imagination soar. Thankfully, blogger and mom Adriana Velez has a few suggestions to start the fun (which some of these may be ones YOU enjoyed as a kid):


A Series of Unfortunate Events: Lemony Snicket’s 13-volume series is wild fun, not least because of the delicious way he plays with language. The series turns darker and more serious about halfway through, with some thought-provoking questions ripe for discussion.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Or any Roald Dahl book. This is another author with a playful way with words. His characters are daring, creative, and inspiring — and not a little mischievous.CharlieChocolateFactory

The Great Brain: I adopted my best Wyatt Earp drawl to read this series about growing up in rural Utah in the early 20th century. Your kids will love hearing about what frontier life was like 100 years ago. You’ll cringe at all the fist fights, but it’s all good, innocent fun.

Little House on the Prairie: Your kids will love this classic series for the same reason. Laura Ingalls and her family carve out a life in the Midwest, braving storms and engaging in nose-to-tail eating way before it was trendy.

The Little Prince: This sweet tale is a little melancholic and a lot magical. Imagine living alone on your own tiny planet — what kid can’t relate to that?


The Chronicles of Narnia: Kids entering a magical realm without their parents, fighting battles — what’s not to love about that? I loved all the brave but flawed children in this fantasy series.


A Wrinkle in Time: This is one of the best novels for kids who feel like misfits. Awkward Meg and her genius little brother Charles Wallace travel through space and time to find their lost father. There’s a none-too-subtle critique of conformity that I happen to love.


Tuck Everlasting: What happen when a family finds the fountain of youth? A very lonely forever. This sweet fantasy tale will give you plenty to talk over with your kids.


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