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Your Story Isn’t Over

Posted on July 5, 2022
By Mike Harper

You’ve got problems. Some seem unsolvable. Maybe they are… by human standards. God is bigger, stronger, and smarter than anything and He isn’t done with you.

God is here. We forget. He doesn’t show up visibly or reveal Himself audibly. This is a great part of what makes Him awesome. Beyond our ability to see, hear, or comprehend, He is.

He has no beginning, no end, and no limit. He created everything, including you! Don’t you think He’s watching you even now? You’re the apple of His eye!

The more we can lean into Him, the more we can enjoy His presence and understand His ways.

Think back 10 years. Review what He’s shown you. How you’ve grown! Should He tarry and by His will, think of what He could do in your story in the next 10!

Or even today!


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