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3 Easy Ways to Show Hospitality

Posted on October 21, 2019
By Mike Harper
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I recently visited the home of a friend who I was picking up to go a ball game. Upon my arrival, his wife let me in, bellowed to my buddy, and said he’d be right out.

Then she disappeared.

I was left standing in the doorway for several minutes with four yappy dogs who were not happy dogs. They were either mad at me or mad at themselves. I tend to think it was the latter. Or perhaps they were disgruntled at their owners for dressing them up in tutus and frilly bows. Regardless, if these poodles could talk, they would sound much like my Aunt Betty when I splashed her in the pool and got her hair wet. They were miffed.

Let’s say it’s you I visited. You’ve got laundry spread across the living room. You haven’t had a chance to do breakfast, let alone hair and make up. Then your husband’s best friend shows up unannounced. Apparently your beloved forgot to mention his pal was dropping by.

Understandably, this is not an ideal scenario in which to entertain. Of course you’d rather hurt somebody than be hospitable. And nobody would expect you to drop everything and make lunch. But it doesn’t take a lot to make your impromptu guest feel welcome. You’ve got a potentially stressful situation, and you can rise above it. After all, you’re a pro.

Is your house in chaos? Do you receive unexpected guests? Here are 3 easy ways to show hospitality:

1. Get Up

Stop what you’re doing for a moment and get the door. It sounds simple, but answering the door is much more welcoming than yelling “Come in!” while your guest enters and you’re sitting in the middle of the floor folding pants, obviously interrupted. Invite your guest in, even though you wish he’d be suddenly afflicted with a severe case of dysentery and do an abrupt about face. Put on your happy face, and say hello.

2. Invite Him In

Don’t leave him standing in the door way while your dog climbs all over him. Put the dog away if it applies and invite him all the way in. If you have a few awkward moments to fill, clear some underwear off a chair, and offer him a seat. Ask him if he wants a coke, a water, or coffee if it’s made. You don’t have to sing and dance to entertain, just be nice.

3. Ask Him About Him

If your husband is taking a painfully long time coming to your rescue, it doesn’t take much small talk to fill a few minutes. People love to talk about themselves, and men in particular are experts at self-acclamation. Ask him about his family or his work. He’s likely to ramble on long enough to be interrupted by your long awaited life partner’s arrival.

Of course this applies to my situation, but this is a good general plan for anybody who drops in unexpectedly. Amendments will obviously be appropriate depending on the cameo appearance upon which you are thrust. You wouldn’t invite a Cub Scout selling raffle tickets in for tea. But anybody who visits your home can walk away with the warm cozy feeling that they were welcomed.

You can have “the talk” with your groom later.



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