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Choose Your Sin (Or Don’t)

Posted on January 14, 2020
By Mike Harper

We all sin. Shocking, I know. But we surely do, though it’s often unintentional. So it seems crazy to “choose your sin.” But sometimes we do just that.

Perhaps it’s an area you’re aware of, but from time to time pretend God is looking the other way. Maybe you’re praying about it, working on it, but occasionally give yourself a pass, reminding yourself “nobody’s perfect.”

There are certainly plenty of sins from which to choose, so finding one is no problem. Some seem big, others subtle. But if by some strange reason you want to sin, it’s easy. Just do nothing. Before long your humanity will kick in.

Isn’t it strange how we look at sin? If it’s ours, we reason. We rationalize. “It’s hard.” “I struggle.” “It’s my parents.”

Somebody else? Entirely different story. “Despicable.” “Shameful.” “Deplorable.”

So we turn to the Bible. Again, the “big” ones are obvious, but at times, even there it can be obscure. Who’s interpretation? We can all take a scripture and make it work for what we already believe.

Be careful. Be humble. Know we’re all capable of being wrong. Yes, even me.

Except I’m right about this.

See what I did there?


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  1. Rae Dickson

    I like it, tell me more!


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