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Don’t Be a Christmas Naysayer

Posted on November 11, 2019
By Mike Harper

“Naysayer” is a word we tag on those who come across as negative or who are apt to contribute a critical spin. And it’s usually attributed to other people.

None of us think we’re naysayers. We “have opinions.” While opinions have their place, they’re kind of like belly buttons. Everybody’s got one, but we don’t necessarily always need to tell people about it.

Opinions in families can often flow freely. Opinions in the work place provide an exchange of ideas for the best solutions. Opinions in politics are, well, plentiful. All to say there’s a time and place for debate and discussion. The problem can be, some of us really like to exercise that muscle to its fullest potential.

Especially at Christmas.

Christmas, among all its joys and challenges, is a time for love, peace, and celebrating the birth of Jesus! It’s also deeply embedded into our culture, thereby providing ample opportunity to chime in with critical bells of belief. Decorations too soon! Music too soon! Not enough Jesus! Wrong kind of Jesus!

Okay, I haven’t actually heard that last one. The point is we all have strong feelings about Christmas based on our upbringing and convictions. But it may not always be appropriate to tell someone they’re doing it wrong.

Christmas is based on the reason for life! It’s the most important thing! If someone celebrates it differently from us, more intensely than us, or sooner than us, we may want to consider keeping our thoughts to ourselves. Let’s not rain on people’s Christmas parade! In short, don’t be a Christmas naysayer! Or worse:

“Don’t be a Grinch!”

Nobody wants to be thought of as a Grinch! Let’s celebrate Jesus’ birthday with love and by example. Let’s be charitable to all! And keep it jolly!

Let’s all have a merry Christmas!

(And be grateful nobody’s making us do it wrong!)

“…in humility, count others more significant than yourselves.” – Philippians 2:3



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