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Don’t Feel Like Worship? Worship Anyway

Posted on February 10, 2020
By Mike Harper
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It’s church worship time. Don’t get caught up in all the external. What the worship leader is wearing, his/her quirks, habits, and gestures. All distractions. Be intentional about worship.

Worship anyway. Get past the type of music, the volume, the song selection. Its purpose is to create an atmosphere of worship. If the style isn’t your thing, sorry. It’s not about you.

Worship anyway. The praise band has been selected/called to lead worship. So enter in. That’s why they do several songs. Many of us need that much time!

Worship anyway. If you have to, use the first song to look around, take in the room, make all your observations about the band, the song, the people around you. Then close your eyes. Focus!

Worship anyway. You may not feel like it. It may take every fiber of your being to make the words come out of your mouth, but say “Thank you Lord.” Humble yourself. Let it go.

Worship is good for you. He designed you this way. He wants relationship with you. He wants you to worship Him. It’s a gift. Give it back to Him.

Regardless how you feel.

Worship anyway.



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