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Encountering the Ark

Posted on August 22, 2019
By Fletcher Jonson

The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kent., is more than just a replica of the famous ship from the Bible book of Genesis. But even that would be enough.

It’s made to scale at 300x50x30 cubits. (A severely under-used form of measurement.) In American terms, that’s about 510x85x51 feet. Good thing I had my cubit converter.

It’s just huge.

Complete with educational displays, and a tour through the attraction, you’ll also find a playground, a petting zoo, a restaurant with a full buffet, and models of the kinds of animals that could have been on the ark.

Throughout the experience you’ll love the friendly and experienced staff, along with plenty of options for educational reading, dioramas, and films supporting the events of the story of Noah in the Bible. They’ve done their homework and it’s so great to see them taking a firm stand on the truth of this fantastic story!

The Ark Encounter is reasonably priced, and has pulled out all the stops to make the theme park an enjoyable experience for the whole family.




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