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Get Back

Posted on January 28, 2020
By Mike Harper

Got an unsustainable problem? Don’t lose hope! Get back.

You may have a situation with no foreseeable solution. I do. Here’s what I’m learning:

Go back to God. Again.

Things aren’t changing? I know. But keep going back. Even if it seems it will never get better.

Go back again.</div

Maybe it will improve. Maybe it won’t. Just go back to Him again.

Good or bad, the results you wanted or not, He may not fix it, but maybe He’s fixing YOU.

He just wants you to keep coming back.

Maybe that’s the whole point.


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  1. Kristi Rogers

    KVNE gives me hope & encouragement. I am reminded daily that God is beside me. I am dealing w/some health issues & going through a divorce I did not want. A lot of days I feel all alone but listening gives me hope for the future. Thanku!


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