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Hello Twenties!

Posted on December 19, 2019
By Mike Harper
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2020?!?! 2010 seems like yesterday, especially if you’ve seen a few decades now. (Or quite a few!) Years fly by.

Aspire to greatness in the twenties? We offer 6 suggestions.

  1. Take a walk – right now. Stop whatever you’re doing, even reading this, and walk. It just takes a few minutes. Think walking’s tame? Many of us are doing nothing between walks to the kitchen, the car, and the office. Young or old, in shape or out, we can all benefit from a 20-minute walk. It helps your heart and clears your brain.
  2. Take a break – Lots of people work 7 days a week (even 8 :)). We may not go to our job, but we’re busy, and may feel there’s no time to rest. God’s very clear on taking a break. FOR A DAY! Many choose Sunday.
  3. Take a knee – Ask God what He thinks. Tell him what you want. Thank Him for who He is, what He’s done, and His immense love. Form a habit of prayer and scripture and you’ll find peace and direction like you never knew possible!
  4. Take a pass – when extra potatoes are offered, “No thanks.” Leftover pie in the fridge? Choose a better option. Walking down the cookies aisle at Brookshire’s? KEEP ON WALKIN’! There are millions of foods we’re fine without.
  5. Take a listen – It’s easy to speak. Our reflex is to tell what we’ve done, who we know, what we think. While there’s a place for that, stop. Let’s develop a listening habit. Let’s allow the other person to have the last word. Radical!
  6. Take a look – At the budget! Simple to understand, difficult to apply. Look at your income. Watch what you spend. The habit takes a few weeks to form, but talk about relief! Reduce debt, reduce stress.

So, six daily habits. Can we do it? Sure we can. Maybe a lot to remember every day for 10 years, but break it down to one a day, six days a week! Take Sunday off!

Here’s to making the 2020s a fantastic decade, and helping our chances to see the 2030s!



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