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My Breckenridge Buddies

Posted on September 3, 2019
By Mike Harper
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Ever feel like you can’t go on? Your pain is too great, or your circumstances are too formidable.

Life can be so difficult. In times like these, perhaps some perspective is in order.

I recently got a healthy dose of it after a visit to Breckenridge Village in Tyler. Breckenridge is a caring residential community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Seeing these beautiful children of God smiling, working together, sharing, and loving each other was healing for my soul. Suddenly my worries of this world paled.

I am not downplaying whatever challenges you may be going through. But I know God cares about them and will meet you when you come to Him with your burdens. I also know witnessing this ministry with my own eyes completely changed my paradigm, and made me realize my problems are small.

These precious men and women, who could easily be overlooked in our everyday culture, are important to God. In fact, they are His masterpieces and they are shown and told so daily by the staff at Breckenridge. They love them, build relationships with them, and teach them how to care for themselves so they can become as independent as possible.

Watching this community interact and show the love of Christ with each other and our team was a transforming experience for me. It was Jesus in action. It was loving God and loving others as we love ourselves illustrated before my eyes.

And couldn’t we all use a dose of that?



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