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New School Year, New Songs!

Posted on August 28, 2019
By Nikki Martinez

Even if you don’t have kids, there seems to be this feeling of “new beginnings” in the air around this time of the year! So, to match the feeling with reality, we’ve brought you another batch of songs, some with “New Beginnings” on KVNE (seeing that 2 may sound a tad bit familiar). And don’t forget, if you STILL haven’t joined our Music Crew, sign-up is super easy and right here: MUSIC CREW SIGN-UP


Vertical Worship, “Yes I Will”

Whether you’ve started to sing this one at your church, or you’ve heard it on our Sunday Morning’s “Shouts of Praise,” this latest from Vertical Worship probably sounds a little on the familiar side. So we decided (with your votes on the Music Crew of course) to add it to our regular rotation of music! And who knows, this one could make it onto Vertical Worship’s new LIVE Record they’re recording in September. To add some thought and context to the song, here’s a teaching moment that make your day…



Matthew West, “The God Who Stays”

Following his gut-punching song “Unplanned,” Matthew’s rolled out this new song from an album that he’s working on (still no name and no release date…yet). He’s also busy with The Getaway Night Tour, which will be in Dallas Sept. 13th, and has Willie & Korie Robertson speaking and sharing their hearts! To get a deeper feel of the song, here’s the official music video (and yes, you may need a tissue or 2)!



Riley Clemmons, “Fighting for Me”

If you listen to our sister station, 91.3 KGLY, then you’ve probably heard the piano version of this powerful new song from Miss Riley. Reminding us all that, even if we end up fighting God, God will ALWAYS be fighting FOR us, this song could be your daily anthem! And you may get a chance to hear this song live if you head to Louisiana in October for Mandisa’s Girls Night Live tour, because Riley will be part of the event. Here’s a little more from her heart about the song:



Joel Vaughn, “I Look to You”

Even though he’s still a new artist, Joel has definitely found a place here in East Texas! This new song follows his other tunes “Pray it Up” and “More Than Good Enough,” and is off his album “Control Vol. 2.” For almost 15 years Joel has been writing music, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to bring them to life as he has until recently. But in between this new journey of recording and touring, Joel still enjoys leading worship at his home church!




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