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There’s More to Jesus Than ‘Repent’

Posted on February 3, 2020
By Mike Harper
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We like the bottom line. Cut through the peripheral and get to the crux of the matter. But when it comes to a person as complex as Jesus, reducing Him to a single facet is a colossal disservice.

There’s not a man woman or child on earth who doesn’t struggle. Name your category. Physical pain, severed relationships, self-doubt, social anxiety, searching for identity. Can Jesus make a difference in such maladies? Past regrets, loneliness, addictions, meaninglessness, anger issues, fear of death. Can Jesus take your bondage and actually turn it into a wonderful story? If you know Jesus, you know the answer is yes!

Sharing Christ of course, comes down to acknowledging the need for forgiveness and repentance. A problem with our culture is we largely don’t really believe we need forgiveness. (We may believe other people need forgiveness!)

But if we’re honest, we all feel insecure at times, need to be acknowledged, and crave love. So tell stories about how God moves through impossible circumstances and makes them beautiful. He took my sordid past and gave me such peace, I’m now actually glad it happened because of the marvelous outcome!

Jesus is so much richer than a three-step formula. Be in awe of Him. Tell your fantastic story of Him. It’s unique, yet universal. Love loud. Give big. Live so others can’t deny there’s something “extra” going on in you that’s so compelling they can’t resist knowing what it is!



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