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Matt the Waiter

I met the best waiter in the world. I mean it. I challenge you to find a better waiter than Matt the Waiter. You’ll find him at Pappadeaux in Fort Worth. We were greeted with a smile and an assumption we’d been there before. To learn that we were first-timers...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Soak It Up

Your wedding day. Your graduation. Your son or daughter’s baptism. The birth of your first grandchild. These are great examples of major life events! It was during one of these momentous occasions of celebration when I received this sound advice: “Soak it up.”...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Car Guy

Mechanics have the hardest job on earth (next to politicians). It must seem impossible to please everyone. We non-car people don’t know anything. “The thingy is making a noise and sounds like “woo woo woo.” But only on rainy days and Mondays. They don’t know what...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Older? Or Better?

When I was a kid I could run really fast. If I were to race now I bet I’d be last. It’s simply inevitable if I may be so bold, This must be what it’s like to get old. But they say you get wiser with each passing year. What? What’d you say? I couldn’t quite hear. So...

Mornings with Mike & CarrieOn-Air Blogs

Father’s Day

Another Father’s Day. I’m glad somebody came up with the idea 111 years ago. It’s nice when people wish you a happy one. It’s fun to celebrate with family. It’s fun to give and get gifts! On Father’s Day, like other holidays, it’s easy to get your expectations up,...

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